Qcells Training – Introducing Qcells Q.HOME

Introducing Qcells Q.HOME

Covered Topic

1 – Functions and features of Q.HOME

2 – How solar PV modules can pair with Q.HOME

3 – Functions and features of Backup mode

4 – Qcells aftersales process

Pre-requisites/skills for the course

  •  Prior knowledge of basic principle on how the solar battery works
  • Prior knowledge of basic principle on how the PV module works
  • Recommended for accredited installers, designers and professionals in the field of Solar

Technology required to complete the course

  • In person – No technology required
  • Online Training – Stable internet connection on your laptop, mobile or tablet

About the course

The main purpose of this program is to provide knowledge on the fundamental functions and features
of the Q CELLS energy storage products and how it pairs with the Qcells PV modules. Qcells aims
to offer products that are easy to install and a fully wrapped warranty that gives installers and
consumers that peace of mind they have the best support available for the life of the system. This
training goes through how that is done.

Earn 10 CPD points

Duration: 1 hour

Price: Free

Get the certificate after the completion of the course

Contact: hqaupm@q-cells.com

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