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South Korea

Q.HOME’s convenient, reliable backup power mode ensure you  can keep the essentials running in a black out. Max. Power with PV: 4.6kVA (10min) Continuous Power: 3kVA Unlike most systems, the grid is not needed for startup.

Q.HOME boasts high durability with 10 years product warranty and performance throughput of at least 3.2MWh per kWh battery. Any issues during the warranty period are handled with Q CELLS’ 7 days a week Q.HOME support Centre, based in Australia.

While Q.HOME can technically be installed with any panel, it is best paired with Qcells modules in order to reap the ultimate benefit of an entire system backed by a single warrantor and point of contact.

Qcells provides multiple, flexible options for consumers to build their ultimate energy solution in the time that’s right for them.

Customers have an option to install a Solar-Only system by choosing Qcells modules + Q.VOLT hybrid inverter or a Solar & Storage system.

Customers who choose to install the Solar-Only Solution have the flexibility to easily upgrade to the Solar + Storage solution anytime within 12 months from from installation of Q.VOLT hybrid inverter.

Customers have the option of adding additional battery capacity up to 16